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watched some of the chapters  playthrough and really loved what I saw, so when I saw it was available for the price it is, I went and made a leap of faith (Ezzio Auditore style !)  and got it. 

By the way, is it a coincidence that Robin  looks a bit like Ally from Sunstone? That and her playfulness made her one of my two favorites in the  gamethrough I've watched, and I get the feeling I'll feel the same playing it)


Patiently waiting for Lexi

Is there an android version :(

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Potential Spoiler Ahead for Chapter 4 Part 1!

I wrote the first part of this using terms I knew would leave it vague enough for those who've not yet played it already, but obvious what I am talking about to those who have played it. Just know that below in it you will come across a part I couldn't exactly avoid being straightforward and spoiler-ish with.

Got to admit, with the latest choices you have to make, especially regarding the two it is focused on, primarily Steph and your talk, I know I will unlock some other scenes if I go the third option with it, but I can't bring myself to do that, not even when I know it's all fiction. It feels like I'd have to put them both over the proverbial edge, since they're both on it already. And you have done a offensively great job with how quickly you make CeCe a freaking adorable, sweet character that you immediately find yourself attached to. You just want to hug the stuffings out of her all the time ahaha.


I agree, Cece is very huggable. :) And thank you.

Always! Thank you for giving the world such a fantastic game and story to enjoy! As always I'll be impatiently waiting for the next update haha. (Just not the whiny, badgering type impatient haha)





First off i rare write feedback and only if its bad, or in this case AAA+++. What a story with twist's and turn and some moments i never even seen coming it was a PURE PLEASURE to read, the story and the graphics was a AAA+++ rating and the cliff-hanger at the end was O. M. G. and the meeting in the bar and the end with lost girlfriend, O,M,G !!! can not wait to see what going to happen in part 2 !!! am going to slow read it again we see if there was any points i may have not taken in, i can say this on a huge personal level i have read well over 500 visual novels some O M G, so OK, and others pure rubbish BUT this one made it the 1st spot of my all time TOP 5 story's, and touched me in a way only 1  other book has ever done, and the raw emotions i felt for the reason she left *" O.M.G. I FELT FOR THE POOR GUY "*so much so its making me want to make a PAYPAL account to send you £'s for coffee to carry on this " MASTER PIECE " of writing and i can't wait to read the whole thing in 1 go even if it 24 to 48 hours straight with no brakes !!!

And a note there is no spoiler here !!! read it for your self.

Thank you very much! I love doing this story, and hopefully it reflects in it. :) Working hard on the next update. Can't wait to show you.

i cant wait !!!


Hyped my friend Cant wait keep it up


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thats how i feel about you after this chapter. you sneaky bastard :p


I will try to give you even more bastard moments. :)

so, i saw the discord post and figured i would bring it here.

I would vote for CeCe and Stephanie but mostly because of stephanie. My girl is CeCe but everything seems pretty easy going for the main character, you need some conflict!

Amazing game. Very enjoyable and very funny. Good music always makes me happy and feel good. Animations are good. All characters have their own interesting personalitys.

Deleted 1 year ago

I'm not sure if you're describing a only problem, but you can try downloading the game directly from my patreon at

Deleted 1 year ago

 I am having one issue completing the task of starting a party on Lexi's plane.  I am able to connect to the external speakers but have no music to play....I have gone back so many times and tried to figure out where and at what time to possibly download a song but to no avail.  Possibly not able to complete the task but given the dedication to this game I doubt it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Besides that, this game is at the top of my list of visual novels!  Love the character progressions, the somewhat complexity of choices and actions and the music takes the cake!! Great job DriftyGames!!

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Try using the same app before even going to the airport, or even better, before Lexi is calling you earlier in the Chapter. :)

And thx for the nice words. Working hard on Chapter 4.


Actually figured it out about 30 minutes ago....never tried to look at the phone when I went home to Cece after declining Kira.  Man, you make some of this a challenge which is actually a nice touch! Looking forward to Ch. 4 and about to give my support on your Patreon! Keep up the good work!

Sorry if it has been asked before, any chances of a Android version?

Game looks amazing and kudos to the creator!

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While I don't officially support an android version (at least, not now) I know they pop up less than an hour after chapter releases, so there should be a few to choose from out there. But Leap of Faith uses different visuals than normal, so I don't know how well it runs on android (some have reported problems using the phone on android - no pun intended). :)

I am absolutely astounded by how good this is. The characters are incredibly likeable (especially Linda, Cece, Lexi, even Chris... oh wait, that's most of them), the story is so very heartwarming, and the humour is spot-on. And the music - it adds so much to the game, much more than I would have thought possible.

I'm sure this will easily become one of my favourite VNs of all time, and it will do so with or without the adult content. For a first game especially, this is just unreasonably good.

Are there any plans for Linda, Cece encounters? Any of the models planned to get prego or married to MC or some sort of harem type thing? The whole creampie but oh im on BC is bit boring imo amazing game and work dont get me wrong just ideas to spice up the content.


how can i sex cece

how do i contact lexi. i cant seem to find a way to do it pls help


when you are in shopping mall with Linda & Cece, there is a moment when Chris fall a sleep and MC is bored, check your phone and comment on Chris’s pic with Lexi. She will respond, and automatically her no. Will be added to your contacts.

thanks half its much appreciated

I did three playthroughs of it, in the hopes maybe in one of them I could figure that one out. On the second and third ones, I had a thought of that dang store containing what I needed to achieve the contact. But I guess I did everything but pay enough attention when on the app in the phone lol. Well, that's just rad! haha. Playthrough #4 coming right up! hahaha


I freaking love this so much! I had the release date marked on my calendar whenever there is a new update. Love the comedic side but also love when there is shit about to go down as well. Animations, interesting choice of music, details to the story and characters. I hope Chapter 4 comes out soon though. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK🥺✨


just finished this was so heartwarming  

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Man your team is awesome. This is gold. Maybe ive to wait for 2 months to play the next chapter. Good work my man! Cant wait to play the next chapter.

nothing is showing except for the text after starting the game


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Did you download the patch version only? You need to download both files for your system, first the 0.2.2 release, and then the patch version 0.2.2-0.3.1. 

Full release is now available here on


Hey is there anyway to get it too run a bit more smooth my pc should be able to handle it but from some strange reason it feels like I'm dealing with lag

I haven't heard any reports of lag/issues with the game. Rather on the contrary, where people tell me it runs smoother than other games.

Is it a problem that is consistent from the first frame on a new game, or starts later on and gets worse?

It usually starts after a few frames and it's not on just this one that I have the issue but a couple others made by different people too. 

I thinking it might have something to do with compatibility maybe. The game itself is amazing though I just wish I could fix the issue so I can explore more of it.

It sounds more like a general issue then. There isn't a whole lot of heavy duty scripting in Leap of Faith. The multi layered screens and the phone variables use a bit of memory, but unless you're really low on RAM in the first place, it shouldn't be an issue in the game.

It might be something the Renpy Guru's can answer in though. I'd give that a go.

Thank you so much for the reply and for the recommendation on who might also be able to help me trouble shoot. I just really really want to experience your game as intended keep doing what you're doing you're awesome!


my god, put this person up there with the good doctor!
also - how the F did you get this list of songs? added a lot of them to my spo

I'm very glad you enjoyed them. I've put some time and resources into getting the musical aspect right. :)

I think someone already made a tracklist of them. Search for 'leap of faith tracklist' in spotify and it should pop up.

gra jest na prawdę  super szkoda tylko ze nie ma spolszczenia Skok Wiary jest to naj bardziej dynamiczna grom roku 2021 Super brawo mistrzu +10 


Is it wrong to say that I love you for making this masterpiece? Can't wait for more.


Remember, new chapter tomorrow. :)


Oh my god dinnae even realize. Am gonnae send some virtual hugs and kisses yer way!


One of my favorite VNs out there thus far! Completed like many the first of likely many playthroughs of what is in the game thus far, and eagerly await more!

It is very well written and has great balance in regards to pacing. And I gotta say, I normally never really care for music in games, especially modern music, but, the music is actually for the most part really enjoyable. I actually am curious where you gained access to that library to put in your game as it is very tough for devs to get access to that level of music library and one that actually is quality like it is.


I got to say that Leap of Faith is really good!! The story is exciting and the music is really good. Especially the way you use the music. There are not many other VN's with music that fit the story in the same way as Leap of Faith.

Will definitely be supporting you on Patreon! :)))

no android?

What is the song name can anyone please tell

Hit music in the main menu, and you got the full clickable list for your listening pleasure. :)

Thanks man


I just finished my first play (of probably many to come) for Leap of Faith. I have a really great feeling about this game. The best adult VN (or I guess, any VN to be honest) that I've played before was Acting Lessons. And don't get me wrong, that's a fantastic game. But wow, I'm very, very happy about Leap of Faith so far. It's similar to AL but it's got its own vibe. Its a story first, hot action second, and that's what makes it great. I'm very excited to see chapter 3 now, the ending of chapter 2 was amazing. I'm off to check out the patreon now... heh.


AL actually gave me a lot of inspiration to get started. Of course I'm not duplicating it, but trying to give a good story with a similar feel. And I'm still overwhelmed by the positive feedback I get on a daily basis. Thank you!


glad you took my advise :P from the awakening :P


Definitely, thanks a bunch for the tip. If you know others like this, I'm definitely game to hear about them. I really enjoyed Bad Memories so far too, not sure if you tried that one. 

i love pimping out this game because so many people judge this type of game. then they play it and come back and thank me.
that ending scene of chapter one, music building, timed perfectly for my play through. hell yeah

I'm glad you liked it. Chapter 3 in the works. :)

Hello there! just found a small glitch in the matrix I thought was worth mentioning while I give your game a glowing review! I love the story so far, and chris is a bro amongst bro's! just met kira and walked to the bar to meet robin but it says im talking to myself?XD love the game keep up the amazing work!

THIS ANIMATION IS SMOOTH AF, CANT PUT IT DOWN. also ending to cinderella got me crying! 


just finished chapter 2 Loved every second of this! please keep up the amazing work! I would totally donate if I had the money too rn but everything is so fucky in the world that Im broke rn, the story really helped bring a few things to light in my life. Hope everyone reading is doing okay in your live's remember theirs always someone that cares for you be it a freind or family


Nono. Not me. I didn't cry. I just got ... something stuck in my eye. That's all. :)

And thx for the bug report.

It seems most of these games have that bug/oversight in them every so often, and I honestly find it a little bit amusing. It's not an issue really, just a possible annoyance once you catch wind of it haha

This is by far the greatest overall game i have played even tough there is "only" 2 Chapters now. Escpecially the animations and charakter intros plus the music are outstanding. Also i just loved that scene where you clean the house lmfao. 

Can't wait for the next update

I try to put things in the game that is a bit out of the ordinary, and I'm happy to see the positive response about it. :) And thank you for the kind words. Already working hard on Chapter 3.

How do I give Lexi my number?


I try not to answer directly to in-game how-to's directly myself, but feel free to join my discord where people seem to have figured this out and are helping with all kinds of in-game issues (link in the desctiption above).

Good luck. :)

Okay, thanks :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you! :) And about the Android; I don't officially support an Android version, and probably won't do so. But I've already seen a few unofficial ports on different sites. They pop up almost immediately after release, so Android users should be pretty much covered, although not from the official source.

Though, I might change my stance on this down the line. Thank you for offering though. Much appreciated.

Deleted 2 years ago

I've tried downloading the Windows 0.2.1c and 0.2.2c, and both don't work. When I click on the .exe to open the game, it says the following: "Could not execue. C:\User\Macan\Desktop\LeapofFaith-0.2.2c.pc\lib\windows-i686\LeapofFaith.exe. Is it missing?"

Anyone have a fix for this? I've tried reinstalling

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Nvm, it just fixed itself.

Dude! I think you just made my favorite Visual Novel to date. Congrats.

Thank you! I was a bit worried about this chapter, as I felt it didn't have as much forward momentum as the other chapters planned. Can't wait to show you the rest. :)

I can't wait to see it.


So i was trying out the new chapter i'm up to that part where you offer cece to stay at your home after clicking on that option it pops up with error saying NameError:  name 'ep10OfferedCeceStay' is not defined' just wanted to inform you of this. i wasn't sure where i should post this to tell you so i thought i might as well tell you on here.

Other then that so far im loving the game and the new chapter keep up the good work.

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Thank you so much for pointing that out. Today has been hectic with synchronizing the release through several sites, and somehow I forgot to mention that you have to start a new game here on Added it to the description now.

And I'm really happy you liked it as well - bug and all. :)

Should be really proud! If this continues you will be up there with the greats!


Very nice dialog and even better images! Hope you continue to live your dream job. Looking forward to the rest of Leap of Faith as it is released.

chapter 2 sneak peek was very good

Thank you very much. :) Hopefully you'll enjoy the full chapter too.

Hell yeah! excited. up there with the greats like Acting Lessons and Being a DIK. Would 100% buy full released game

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Any help where i can find chapter 2

Chapter 2 is still a long way from being done, but I'm working on it every day and I'll upload the instant it's ready. :)

I really liked your game,everything is so cool!

ok i will be waiting

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