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I just have to say that I am amazed. I got the free version, not knowing what to expect at all, but I was positively blown away. The characters, even if they are not your main love interest, feels.. real. They feel human. And the music is also amazing. And yet still, I have not even touched on the most important part.. The story! I would play this all over again even if the scenes were not as they were, thanks to the story. 

*I may also have bought episode 7 and will get 8, conclusion, today, because.. Damn. This is good.*

Is Leap of faith not availible on Android?

I can say this is one of the best ones i have already seen, even the music in this one, looking so forward to chapter 8

I also want to warn for chapter 6, if you get the warning to skip, don't take that message lightly, i have played chapter 6 now 5 times but it hit me every time again, i'm normal not that emotional, but i can say i have to cry every time.

I watched it once.  That was enough.  That entire sequence hits me pretty hard without the that scene sequence.  Is this really just a game......  Amazing job creators!

Lexi, Linda, Steph are all good.  I was disappointed with the Kira/Robin 3some stuff.  Holly deserves a bigger role.    3 some with Linda and Cece?  Harem?

To be fair Steph story is for some reason sounds stupid and boring,it doesn't develop into anything,her story is just shitty and meaningless and it just my type who doesn't like past character to be back in life,since a book doesn't have different ending,but still even when I  try to have feelings for her,she turns table,whether by being too much dominant in vanilla game,or acting like slut,or by her shitty ass half backed story,which doesn't make sense,i disliked her rest all is like okay,their endings ends like cliffhanger only good ending is with cece(my opinion) but others story and endings felts incomplete,this avn missed like 4 chapters to develop the arcs of other characters which is missed.

I really like Steph.   They never really tied up the loose ends with Linda and the mysterious envelope.

I found it a bit hard to believe that all these people would simply let CECE ride off into the sunset.

The park scene with the "terrorist?" felt out of place and that space could have been used better.

All and all I was very happy with the game.  I read  or listen to plenty of books and they don't always go the way I would like them to either.

spoiler alert

Buddy you know story right? Stephanie past story i tried to hear that in 3 ways first loving her was simple and boring,then in normal way it was too hilarious and bad,bit in her not liking her at any point or just reminding her of her past mistakes she showed her true colours,what the fuck reason she returned when she can't even tell half of the things? She would be better if not returned,her past story is shitty as hell,i mean who makes teenager secret agent and send them as spy and let them free for 2 yrs.and after that return to her job,you know how her story would have been better? If she would have married to someone and just cheating on her husband like till chapter 3 that would have been better story for her wierdo character.her whole past story was like a fantasy story and her returning for no reason was stupid and when you reject her she acts as a possesive ex and will spy on you for your every moment, luckily that arc isn't developed else she was supposed villain who will try to kill your li,just so she could be with you, definitely a pychopath never like her as a character and her story was stupidily written by dev

Played. Went with Cece. got to ending. fade to black by Metallica started playing from Spotify during ending. cried. Had fun want more good luck

how do i combine the folders? because i tried a few things but they didnt work

copy and paste worked for me.

what files or folders and where? cuz it doesnt work for me

You download the zip file.  You use a program to unzip the zip file to your hard drive and then you move or copy the folders from the unzipped file to your folder that has your old game files.  I am assuming you are on PC.    Please explain what you have done and tried in detail.

so i only need to unzip 0.4.51 and place the unzipped 0.6.1 in it?

I deleted all the unzipped files to make sure i dont duck something up with the game itself

Yes you have to have the "base" game loaded.  Then you copy the new files to the existing game.


I never thought for a moment that a game like this could be so emotional.  I am at a loss for words.  Tears running down my face as I write this.  Amazing story, artwork and music.  Wonderful and heart wrenching.  Bravo!

Is it wrong to want to love all characters in this game?

Playing via Steam. Just wanted to let you know how much i like this VN/Game.

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this game is a masterpeace, i would support the creator if i could and im not sayng this lightly this is one of the best games ive ever played                 

P.S. sorry for my bad english

came for the porn but genuinely fell in love with the characters of the god send of a game.

if you have not already download it now. Trust me.

Wow, just wow. 

Like many others played for the tittilation but was pulled in by the story. I thought Acting Lessons was emotional but this game had me, a grown ass man, bawling. I don't have any personal experience with the issue but the way the developer framed those scenes hit me so hard.

Some cons to balance this out - I found some of the LI to be unattractive and I couldn't figure out how to play the field besides the first 2 sexual encounters.

Overall, this is a great example of how great this type of media can be, easy recommendation. Great job dev! Can't wait for the last chapter and your new game!



I've finished my 1st run of the free version today, and i'm absolutely heartbroken with the story. I couldn't hold myself and got some tears in my eyes at the end.

This game is just amazing. I can't say less.

Multiple choices, lots of hard decisions, great renders, great personality of the characters, and the real-life problems mentioned in-game, which is not too much different from the real life.

I started to play looking for the harem and, if you're going to play because of that, better to think twice. But I'd played just because of the story if I knew it before, as well as I'm gonna run a bit more times from now on.

I'm gonna remember the last scene of this chapter every time I listen to that beautiful song and any other seemed with that. Forever.

Hope I can provide myself the complete version ASAP.

Thank you so much for spending time in this precious jewel of NSFW visual novel games.

What a game.

(Note: I'm not a native English speaker, in case of you find some errors)

Welcome to the club, brother. We ALL cry here, and that's ok. The game is fucking beautiful and I always like reading reviews like yours. Can't wait for the last chapter! 

INCREDIBLE, i just finish the last chapter and OMG this is pure gold, as a video game student myself i can easily see the amount of work you put in this and it was totally worth it.

Hope you'll continue to make more game this quality in the future ;)

Deleted 166 days ago
Deleted 166 days ago

Since this is being done in chapters, and (like always) I'm a bit late to the party, should I play both versions here one after the other, or just the latest one?

Latest one is fine..

Hey, before I get to my point: really fantastic game, bromance perfectly displayed, some slight problems with the use of some words (don't ask we which ones I don't remember, that's how petty that remark is) that I feel don't really get used in regular conversations until I realize I do use them because I'm a pedantic fuck, Cece best girl #sorrynotsorry although they all have a place in my heart, BUT!
Is there a way to transfer saves? Because I've accidentally downloaded the 0.4.51 and was very disappointed when at the end of chapter 4 the game "ended", and I'm not ready to "desacralize"(big quotes here) my first playthrough on this wonderful game by trying to redo all of the same choices. Is it as simple as copy pasting the "Log" text document/the content of the "Log" document from the 0.4.51 folder to the 0.6.1 one?
Again, really great game, loved it, all the best to y'all and sorry for bad english.

Ignore my question, I'm an idiot.


... So I played the chapters 5 and 6 now... And I think I'm not gonna cry, but I'm not sure, so I'll just say: people out there, if you trip and fall on your journey promise me that at some point you will try to get up: things will get better.
Suicide is a radical solution to a temporary problem. I have myself thought about ending my life from 4 years ago to about 1,5 year ago, and ended up convincing myself to not do so because my reasons were stupid. I do not recommend that technique because it require your reasons to indeed be stupid, and if you are contemplating suicide I trust your judgement, but please talk about it to somebody, and find a fuel for your will to live, as petty as it is. Even to spite someone is a valid reason to stay.
You will be missed if you choose to do it, but you already know that.

Take care.

You're gunna cry SO HARD. It's ok, man. We all did. 

Dude this game, gave me feelings that should have been buried a long time ago, you guys did a GREAT JOB in the story part..

Usually I played this type of game just for wasting time, but man, I'm glad I found your master piece.. I had to rearrange my emotion to be able to play again because oh boy you guys played my heart real bad. .  I laughed, I sobbed (almost cry, i had to close the game and buried my face in my pillow).. 

I would say this game is in the top 3 best visual novel game that I've ever played.. 

Well...fuck! My emotional control has slowly been eroding since 2017.

At least I have an idea what I'll be getting into now. Thx.


Juat becareful when you play the game, if you have a weak heart, you should skip some scenes..

awesome game keep up the good work

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So I literally binged played (dunno if that is even a word) till chapter 7 and I must say what a roller coaster of emotions, epic loved it!

I am just shook, wow man! Amazing game!! Really captivating story, all the characters are unique, the game has one of the best laughs and emotional parts!!

Tech-related: How do you combine the 0.6.1cp into 0.4.51c on macOS? The zip opens the application file. There is an option so "Show Package Contents" - *giggity* - but into what 0.4.51c folder do you drop the contents of 0.6.1cp?

So when I update my files for this game on the last Chapter...while it overwrite and take away the music from previous versions?


While waiting for chapter 8 to drop, I want to give my thoughts on this game really quickly. This game is amazing, even though I am not a huge fan of the sex parts of the game (just personal preference) the story is so good I find myself enraptured by it. This hits very close to home for me (and I'm sure many others). I am glad you have made this game and shared its story, thank you. 

P.S Lexi is best girl.

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Did you choose Lexi to romance? 


Yes, though I have only played to chapter 6, waiting for chapter 8 to buy chapter 7 and 8n in one go. 

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What to do till then man!!!! You know how chapter 6 ended.. 


I played through chapter 6 last night and I sobbed so bad that I sat there for like 10 minutes just processing my emotions.  I only got into visual novels recently and I'm so glad I found yours.  It's beautiful in every way.  You can tell that you actually put a lot of thought and work into every detail.  This is the kind of story that stays with you long after you finish reading.  I can't wait to see what else you have in store.  Also, I'm very sorry for your loss.  I struggle with depression every day and I know how scary and tough on your loved ones it can be.  You've made one of those rare stories where you can tell that the creator has a real grasp on the reality of depression.  I felt seen reading this.  Your daughter would be very proud of the incredible story you've created.  It's breathtaking.  Thank you!!

Which girl did you choose?


Just finished Chapter 7. This game had me laughing out of my chair, and crying like a baby (I am a very male man!). I fell in love with every character, even the male one's, and the story was better than a Hollywood movie! You, Sir, are a genius. I am looking forward to Chapter 8, and I will be queuing up for any follow up games, because Leap of Faith shows me or are a very special story teller...! :)

Who did you choose?


I went with Cece. Very romantic



Is she really die??

This is one of the TOP 5 Adult VN games EVER Made !


Top ONE!

Anyone know how to download these games on a steam deck?

Mega for Mac?

Hi drifty it is me again Brandon from Brandon’s Gaming i just wanted to ask is there a Heram Route ending.

I don't know at all. But I don't think there is a zero chance.

 I didn't expect it would hook me that way, but it was really nice to play. I love that the story is not all good and funny and has his deep/dark moments. These moments can hit us in our heart, and they give us so much more bounding towards the Story/Characters, and u really feel the sadness. I appreciate the fact it got these feelings, because it's good as human to experience these feelings from time to time and remember them so u can be grateful about the good stuff that happens to us. It is so important to feel all the different things and to open up even for the sad things to overcome them and never give up.

I have had good and bad in my life. So I felt for these characters. How Drifty can bring these characters and emotions to life, reminding me of my own life, is quite simply amazing!


man, this had me crying like a baby

so i guess this game is more than just sex romance and fetish

was sad when she jumped :(

Is there a route with Sea?


Android port?


I'm on Windows, and I've been having trouble adding the Chapter 5 & 6 patch.

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Hy sorry wegen meiner Rechtschreibung, habe im Dialekt geschrieben, wollte sagen das es eines der besten Games ist super Story und Charaktere, nur schade das es keine Musik mehr gibt hoffe beim nächsten mod. ist wieder eine dabei weil die Musik war auch der Hammer Lg


bitte was ? 


I'm learning German, and so I was happy to see a comment in German as I like to try to translate text I see in German into English, however, I have a single question for you: was?

Hey everyone and DriftyGames I have a question. I have been enjoying this game A LOT. I am on chapter 5 and I realize with the free version it stops at chapter 6. I have to purchase chapter 7 right? So I considered just buying the whole game on Steam but I was like... naaaahhh then I have to start all the way over. Then I noticed there's an issue with the music licenses on the Steam version and it's muted in the game there. To get the Chapter 7 download here do I just press download and pay $5 then it will show a link specifically for chapter 7? Or would I have to reinstall the whole game again?

I think you can move your files from the inch version to the steam one, you just need to enter on /steamapps/leapoffaith and then move the saves files.

Hey All!  I found this game a week ago and am amazed!  BUT, I'm having trouble (like others) with the Chapter 7 Itch download and patch.  I followed what Calzin posted 6 months ago in the "Chapter 7 - Itch Release" development log, but when I try to open the LeapofFaith.exe application, nothing happens. Can anyone help, please!


I read that post, too, but after looking at the archive, I just extracted the ch7 archive into my previous installation and had no problems whatsoever.

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