Leap of Faith - Chapter 6, is Live!


  • Added 1,350 story renders
  • 12,760 animated frames
  • 8,245 lines of script/dialogue
  • 24 new songs

Files on Itch will have to be patched with the 0.4.5 (Chapter 1-4) version. The full chapter 1-6 release can be downloaded directly from my Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/posts/55722372

Thank you for playing!


LeapofFaith-0.6.1cp-pc.zip 2 GB
Sep 03, 2021
LeapofFaith-0.6.1cp-mac.zip 2 GB
Sep 03, 2021

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for the v6 patch which "specific" files need to be copy/pasted i been told certain ones and to just do all and still only plays to the edn of chapter 4

I love how there's zero real instructions on how to actually patch this in. Because I followed the instructions given and game now won't load.

If it helps, you have to manually copy and paste the new contents of *each* itch.io patch for PC after v.4.51c, and the patches *can't* be "stacked in" and copied all at once, together -- that's where I got errors.

So, after you play to the end of chapter 4, you unzip 6.1 to your hard drive in its own folder, then copy and paste the files in 6.1 to your original 4.51 folder, overwriting when prompted. Then you play through chapters 5 & 6.

After you're done playing to the end of chapter 6, then you unzip patch 7.0 onto your hard drive in its own folder, and (reverse the process) copy parts of your current game into the 7.0 folder -- the listing here for patch 7.0 on itch.io has notes on this, plus a pic showing you which specific files to copy over. Then, you play through chapter 7 from the 7.0 game folder's LeapofFaith.exe.

Yeah, it's a really clunky patch process, but I guess that's the trade-off for getting the game for free/cheap on itch.io. The game is for sale on Steam now, for anyone who would rather pay more for a standard patching process.

Renpy puts its game saves in the Users/Owner/AppData/Roaming folder on your hard drive -- separate from the games themselves -- so your saves should be there if you want to copy them somewhere else as "emergency backups" or whatnot. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice but already tried that. Hell I even paid on Patreon and downloaded the full version of 4.5-6 in one piece. The best result I got was the dialogue would progress without any images or animations and all choices were removed from the game. Then when I tried patching 7 in following the directions, the game crashed completely.

I've never had this issue with Naughty Road and the Light of My Life series, who completes, tests and prepatches newer versions for full downloads. Even if it means I'm downloading 5 gigs to replace my previous version each time, it's still better than no game at all.


A bit late, but I figured out how to successfully do the patch. If not helpful to you, then hopefully helpful to someone else who were/are the same shoes you and I were in, after finishing chapter 4 and trying to get through the next chapters.

First, obviously, ensure you have both the 4.5 and 6.1 downloads downloaded and extracted. 

Next, go to the 6.1 extracted file, and get to the directory; C:\Users\[user]\Downloads\LeapofFaith-0.6.1cp-pc\LeapofFaith-0.6.1cp-pc - here you should see three folders (game, lib, and renpy) as well as the Application launcher, the PY and SH files, and the log text doc. 

From here, Highlight everything and copy it.

Now, navigate to the 4.5 folder. Directory should be like; C:\Users\[user]\Downloads\LeapofFaith-0.4.51c-pc\LeapofFaith-0.4.51c-pc - when you're here, go ahead and hit 'paste'. 

If you get a prompt that asks to rewrite/overwrite existing files, allow it. (I was hesitant to do this because I didn't want to risk my 4 save files I had going on). When this is done, go ahead and launch the application like normal, and load your save from the end of Chapter 4. It should allow you to continue to the next chapter rather than exiting to the menu.

Hope this helps you, or anybody else who needs this. Definitely would've saved me the time of figuring this out if I knew beforehand!

Thank you this helped. Will it be the same with chapter 7? I bought it ahead of time.

Hmmm I don't seem to have a log file when I try to follow the steps you mentioned, I've got my previous save and downloaded the 0.61 clean a couple of times and no luck 

If Merging on Mac, you need both old and new in different locations.  Control click to see 'Show Package Contents' on one, then open a new Finder window for the other and do the same. Hold the option key and drag patch onto original to (finally) get 'Merge' to display.

I discovered Leap of Faith a few days ago. For the literal LOL's and the tears steaming down my face... well done Sir, well done indeed.

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I'm having issues trying to load the update, I've moved the files as it says but I still can't progress. I don't really want to start from the very beginning as I honestly don't remember the choices I have made and I don't want to have any changes to the path my character is on.

Edit: Didn't see the Patreon link and it works fine! Thank you so much for the work!

Amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work as always ^^