Leap of Faith - Chapter 7 - Patreon Release

Chapter 7 has been released on my Patreon and will be available here on Itch on the 29th of December for $5 (to align with the Patreon Tier rewards).

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Leap of Faith is a masterpiece....nothing else needs to be said

Will it work if I already paid 10buck for the game?

I am ready and not so ready for the emotional rollercoaster after the end of Ch 6. Good thing I got some free days over christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone

Well, Eternum chapter 2 followed by this!
My OOO days are going to be very very fun!
thx m8


Fuck yes! Been waiting for this. :D

Nice timing too as I am off work so can play it, keep the good work coming and Merry Christmas.


Happy holidays to you too. Enjoy the season.